About Us

The Vausages Journey

The Vausages journey began as a humble dream (literally!), after one night co-founder Zerline woke from visions of serving the yummiest vegan hotdogs in the land! It was from then on that Zee and Reiss made it their mission to create the greatest vegan sausages, using whole-food ingredients, free of soya, wheat and other unnecessary nasties!

Since starting out trading at events and festivals all across the UK, the Vausages experience has now expanded into a pop-up restaurant/takeaway service at The Duke of Wellington, Lichfield.

Everything we have learned since our launch in 2018 has been distilled into our very best and biggest menu yet - be sure to try it yourself and discover what makes the Vausages experience so damn DELICIOUS!



Our Values  

Although we intend to make some of the tastiest vegan food out there, we also have a strong focus on ensuring that all allergies are catered for, therefore we have gone to the effort of ensuring that over 90% of the dishes on our menu are either gluten or soya free, many of them having options that exclude allergens all together! We also understand that highly processed soya & wheat really aren't that great for our guts, this is why wherever possible we use whole-food ingredients such as mushrooms as a replacement!

We also try our best to source as many of our ingredients from local sources as possible, for example our local bakery delivers fresh bread before each service & our freshly grown oyster mushrooms are harvested right here in the UK.

One final thing, asides from of course being a 100% vegan company, owned by vegans, we also ensure we go above and beyond wherever possible by using 100% compostable/biodegradable packaging, whilst also using as many non-toxic cleaning solutions as possible.